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Para-talk is a podcast with the members of East Tn Ghost Seekers. Listen as they discuss paranormal/supernatural events from all around the world. Also, you can leave them a message with your experiences or even your favorite ghost story. So join them as they dive into the paranormal world and touch on all the things you have questioned yourself!To contact and leave your experiences/ghost story/questions call (865)264-0448

April 6th, 2020    

Welcome to the Buffet

**This episode was recorded live April 3, 2020**

So right now I think every buffet restaurant around is closed due to Covid 19... So instead of going out to eat whatever you want, we decided to do an episode with no set topic. A "PARANORMAL BUFFET" if you will... So we brought a few different topics to the table. 

Then we enlisted your help and boy did we get it! That's the beauty of the live podcast through Podbean! We had listeners call in with their own stories, and share stories through the chatroom. Let me just say we were not let down, you guys brought some awesome stuff!

Don't forget we record LIVE every Friday night at 8pm eastern standard time. So if you want to share your story, or call in with your thoughts on the topic we are discussing don't forget to tune in! We love your input!

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March 30th, 2020    

Episode 50: Scary True Paranormal Experiences

**Recorded LIVE Friday March 27, 2020**

Like a good scary story? How about a true scary story? In this episode we found creepy stories from the people who experienced them, and share them with you! Then Mike decides he wants to hear the scariest thing that each one of us had encountered. We also get a listener call in to share some of the most terrifying experiences he's had in his paranormal career and out. 

But, hang out till the end... we have info on places you can go get scared yourself! 

March 24th, 2020    

Episode 49: Shadow People (Livestream)

***Recorded during our live stream on 3/20/2020***

This one is EPIC!!! We had the entire team -1.5 so get ready for lots of laughs, cause it's no holds barred when we all get together! 

Have you been sitting around doing nothing, maybe just watching some TV, and all of a sudden you see something move out of the corner of your eye? Or, been laying in bed and see something in the corner or down the hall? Did it frighten you? Did you just play it off as nothing? Most of us have I'm sure! If you didn't play it off, what do you think it was? Or, have you ever experienced sleep paralysis, and seen the "hatman" or "the old hag" or just a shadow man watching you from the foot of your bed? This episode we cover all this plus much more!! 

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March 15th, 2020    

Episode 48: Paranormal Protection… You Ain’t Gettin’ Me!!

***Recorded LIVE on Friday March 13, 2020***


When asked to do an episode on protection from attachments during an investigation we jumped on it! We realize that not every team in the field has a ritual that they perform pre and post investigation. We feel that it is very important! Maybe it is as simple as they don't know what to do or how to do it. So this episode we touch on some steps to take to help out a little. This topic was brought to us by one of our listeners. He is getting ready to go on his first investigation, and wanted to know how to protect himself... so here it is!

Have you ever wanted to purchase a "haunted item"? But you don't know where to start to look... In the second half of this episode we will help you out! Cause, Ebay has EVERYTHING!!!! We picked out some of the oddest/coolest things found online for sale! 

Here are the links to the books mentioned during the podcast to help out with protection


The Ghost Hunters Survival Guide: Protection Techniques for Encounters with the Paranormal

Spiritual Protection for Paranormal Investigators

Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Protection

Archangelology Michael Protection: If You Call Them They Will Come


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March 8th, 2020    

Episode 47: Fido… Is That You????

**Recorded live Sunday March 8, 2020**

Ever wonder if you'll be reunited with your beloved pet in the afterlife? Or, do you think they come back to visit you after they pass on? Stories have been told for years about the spirit of animals helping and scaring people. In this episode we share our own personal experiences, and share stories found on the web of paranormal animal encounters. Some heart warming, some terrifying. 

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March 5th, 2020    

Episode 46: Legends and Curses and Badluck… Oh My! (Livestream)

**Livestream audio from February 28, 2020**


All throughout the world people tell stories of curses and legends. On this episode of Para-Talk we discuss some of those legends and curses, some that send tingles to your body just hearing stories associated with them. Why do we let some story or tall-tale affect us to the point of being afraid to do something or go some place? Ever wonder what legends come from the state you live in? We discuss some of the biggest and most feared legends that send chills down your spine... or maybe make you lose sleep at night. 

We also have a call in from Rod Kasnick, Founder and Director of SPIRIT P.R.O., he shares a story from an investigation conducted in Georgia. It's background includes a feud, murder, a witch's curse and a hanging... you don't want to miss this!!

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The Witch of Tilley Bend

Rod's book "Paranormal Investigators Handbook"

February 22nd, 2020    

Episode 45: Paranormal News

**Recorded LIVE on February 21, 2020**


On this episode of Para-Talk, the crew talk about paranormal news stories from all over the globe! Ever thought of buying a house with it's own cemetery in the front lawn? I know where one is for sale! What if you bought a Disney doll and it wouldn't leave... after multiple tries! Want info on a haunted hotel you and 3 of your closest friends could stay? Also, what info does the United States Navy have that could give new light to the paranormal?? 

All that and more!!!

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the new subscribers to Para-Talk, you guys are blowing up our downloads and streams!! Thank you to the Armed Forces Paranormal for all you do to protect each and every one of us, and for sharing our podcast on your page! I hope all the men and women stationed all over the world protecting us everyday that get a chance to listen to Para-Talk enjoy it! Just know you are in our thoughts and prayers every single day! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!

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February 16th, 2020    

Episode 44: Ghost Hunting 101 (LIVE)

**This episode was recorded during our 1st LIVE streaming**


Ever wonder how to get into paranormal investigating/ghost hunting? Where do I start? What equipment do I need? What do I need to look out for? We try to answer those questions and more. Like with everything we discuss this is all our opinion... and it's in true Para-Talk style, so be prepared to have some laughs. 

February 8th, 2020    

Episode 43: Possessing The Will To Exorcise

This week we invite Mandie from the Vodka and Ghosts Podcast to join in on the fun! We talk about the signs of possession. Even throw in some audio from the TV show we were featured on where Rev. Bill Bean came down to perform an exorcism on our client. 

As you know from podcasts in the past when you get us and the Vodka and Ghosts girls together we have fun, this time is no different. But.... things get a little "weird" towards the end. I'm not gonna give it away(I want you to listen). Let's just say it doesn't seem like Mandie was alone. 


February 3rd, 2020    

Episode 42: To Believe or Not to Believe…

I know... I know... It's been a bit since the last episode! But we are back, and we have LOTS of things in store for upcoming episodes! So get ready for lots of Para-Talk in the future!


So on this episode we start off our "new" journey of Para-Talk with a "skeptic" or is he??? Kevin is one of our close friends, and the husband of ETGS/Para-Talk member Jessie. So he's family... which means we don't hold back. But, he's a good sport. Kev "claims" to be a skeptic, but you judge for yourself after hearing what he has to say if you believe he is a skeptic or just a closet believer?


**Para-Talk is a paranormal podcast with some humor thrown in to give you some laughs while we discuss our true passion of the field. These are our opinions gathered from our own personal experiences**

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