Welcome to the Buffet

**This episode was recorded live April 3, 2020**

So right now I think every buffet restaurant around is closed due to Covid 19... So instead of going out to eat whatever you want, we decided to do an episode with no set topic. A "PARANORMAL BUFFET" if you will... So we brought a few different topics to the table. 

Then we enlisted your help and boy did we get it! That's the beauty of the live podcast through Podbean! We had listeners call in with their own stories, and share stories through the chatroom. Let me just say we were not let down, you guys brought some awesome stuff!

Don't forget we record LIVE every Friday night at 8pm eastern standard time. So if you want to share your story, or call in with your thoughts on the topic we are discussing don't forget to tune in! We love your input!

Please like/comment/share the podcast. If you listen on Apple Podcasts PLEASE RATE THE EPISODE! 

If you have an topic you'd like us to discuss feel free to let us know in a comment on any episode or email us at etgsparatalk@gmail.com 

We thank you for listening, enjoy! 

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