The Evil… Take Two

***This episode was recorded LIVE 7/3/2020 via Podbean Live***


So for all of you that tuned in live last week you know we had problem after problem with the podcast! So we are back this week with the same episode number and hopefully this “take 2” will work out much better! Some may think "hey, it's episode 66 and you are talking about all things evil! Forget it and move on to episode 67!" NOT A FREAKING CHANCE!!! I'm not that superstitious, and won't be beat that easy! For those of you that tuned in LIVE last week and got to experience the nightmare that it was.. we apologize, and all the audio is fixed this week. Also, just because it is the same topic we changed all the stories, so this is brand new!

I decided since it was episode 66 what better way to go then to discuss all things evil. What is more evil than demons? Well not much... so we open this weeks episode talking about demons. In true Para-Talk form it has some of our tasteless remarks(so please no little ears listening). We move from demons in general to demons in movies to evil works of art. This weeks episode features Stephen, Steve, Andrea, Aimee, and Mike so honestly get ready to laugh and maybe even learn something in the process!

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