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Unless you’re in the paranormal field you probably don’t think about the hauntings that are bound to go on inside the hospitals that you go to for care. But, you have to ask yourself… Does the hospital just become haunted after it closes? Simple answer.. NO!

Hospitals are probably the most haunted locations in the world. If someone asks you to name a haunted location what is the first thing you think of? Yeah, its probably Amityville.. because it has been pushed in our faces since the early 1970’s. But other than the families documented in those early cases there is no further data on that haunting (other than the HORRIBLE spinoff movies with the name AMITYVILLE in the title, most of those will haunt us forever… and not in a good way)

Hospitals though… whether fairly new or over a 100 years old. More than likely that bitch is haunted! Some of the worlds most documented evidence or data of the paranormal have come from hospitals. So much so that even the Travel Channel has devoted a series to these nightmare induced structures.

Some of our favorite investigations to date have come from hospitals. So on this episode we will discuss our experiences from some of these locations, and share some audio clips from our investigations that we think you will enjoy! But you can’t forget the “bucket list” of haunted hospitals and asylums that we hope to make it to in the future!



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