***Recorded LIVE on Wednesday 4/22/2020 via Podbean Live***

There are so many things in this crazy world of ours that leave us scratching our heads. Like for instance, ghost lights... How do they occur? Are they really just cars off in the distance? Or a train perhaps? No matter what they are or what people claim they are, they are happening in places all over the world. With literally no explanation of how and what they are made of.

Another thing that we have all heard about most of our lives are cryptids. Whether its Bigfoot, Nessie, Mothman, or the Jersey Devil we've all heard of one of these. Or maybe you know someone who claims to have seen a cryptid. Maybe you have witnessed something yourself. Either way it is part of our human nature to be curious, and we are curious about both of these topics. 

So we invite you to sit back and listen as we discuss these two topics in true Para-Talk form... (if you are new to Para-Talk that means we are serious about everything we talk about, but we joke and have a lot of fun with the subject and if you get offended easily... sorry, not sorry)

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