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It was a much simpler time, that fall in 1888. So simple that you could murder 5 "ladies of the evening" and get away with it! Not just for a little while, but for over a 130 years and counting! Between August 31st and November 9th in 1888 a man the world refers to as Jack the Ripper brutally murdered 5 women in cold blood. Why did he do it? Was it a cover up to "protect" the royal family? Did he just hate women? Did he think he was just cleaning up the streets? The brutality involved in the 5th murder is to this day one of the most horrific crime scenes ever photographed! How could one man be so evil to do these things and get away with it? Or, was it that everyone was searching for one person to pinpoint.. Perhaps, just perhaps it was a group of people... We dive into these theories, the suspects, and all the gory details on this disturbing episode of Para-Talk! 

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