***Bonus episode recorded LIVE Monday April 6, 2020***

"Part 1 of the Quarantine Episodes"

We know you are just like us, more than likely right now your days are full of a whole lot of nothing! Maybe you do some work around the house, yard stuff, cleaning, or just sitting outside in your yard chilling by a fire. So we are gonna release some episodes with that in mind. We call it the "Quarantine Episodes", something you can put those earbuds in and hopefully help you pass some time while doing those chores or just relaxing! All recorded live so we invite you to join in if you will follow us on Podbean

On this first installment we are giving you some movies or tv shows you can watch to help you pass time. Since we all have different taste this covers a WIDE variety of stuff For Your Viewing Pleasure! All of the stuff mentioned can be found on Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu or other streaming services most of us have access to! Plus, we have listener input from the live stream on series and movies they are watching! 

All us that are part of Para-Talk understand that life is rough right now for most of us. So these episodes in this series are light hearted and meant to be fun. We want you to laugh, and enjoy SOMETHING amidst all news of Covid 19 that is everywhere you look right now! Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone of you affected by this pandemic. To all those of you that are working countless hours in the hospitals/clinics, in the stores to keep the shelves stocked to feed our families, and those on the streets helping to keep us all safe, WE THANK YOU! YOU ARE TRUE HEROES!

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