**Livestream audio from February 28, 2020**


All throughout the world people tell stories of curses and legends. On this episode of Para-Talk we discuss some of those legends and curses, some that send tingles to your body just hearing stories associated with them. Why do we let some story or tall-tale affect us to the point of being afraid to do something or go some place? Ever wonder what legends come from the state you live in? We discuss some of the biggest and most feared legends that send chills down your spine... or maybe make you lose sleep at night. 

We also have a call in from Rod Kasnick, Founder and Director of SPIRIT P.R.O., he shares a story from an investigation conducted in Georgia. It's background includes a feud, murder, a witch's curse and a hanging... you don't want to miss this!!

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The Witch of Tilley Bend

Rod's book "Paranormal Investigators Handbook"

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