I know... I know... It's been a bit since the last episode! But we are back, and we have LOTS of things in store for upcoming episodes! So get ready for lots of Para-Talk in the future!


So on this episode we start off our "new" journey of Para-Talk with a "skeptic" or is he??? Kevin is one of our close friends, and the husband of ETGS/Para-Talk member Jessie. So he's family... which means we don't hold back. But, he's a good sport. Kev "claims" to be a skeptic, but you judge for yourself after hearing what he has to say if you believe he is a skeptic or just a closet believer?


**Para-Talk is a paranormal podcast with some humor thrown in to give you some laughs while we discuss our true passion of the field. These are our opinions gathered from our own personal experiences**

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