Did you hear that? Did you see that? We all question things we may have heard or seen sitting in the dark. We let the creepy atmosphere get the best of us sometimes... You capture an EVP that you aren't 100% sure of, or you take a photo that you are certain is something paranormal. But is it??... Tonight we sit down with a pair of authors/paranormal investigators Clarissa Vazquez and Chris Carr and discuss these exact scenerios. Their new book "Debunking Common Paranormal Myths: Exploring Psychosomatic Pareidolia" is aimed at everyone in the paranormal field from the brand new investigator to the veteran. Full of very useful information sure to help anyone in the field who wants to produce data will help and not hurt what we all are trying to prove... GHOSTS DO EXIST! So grab that drink, sit back, relax... It's Para-Talk Time!!!!


Amazon link to the newest book by Clarissa and Chris

Debunking Common Paranormal Myths: Exploring Psychosomatic Pareidolia 

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