On this episode of Para-Talk we were honored to have Brandon Alvis join us. You probably know Brandon from A&E's Ghost Hunters, and that he is their tech manager. But, there is so much more to him than most know! Brandon is a very skilled musician, a history buff, and a talented filmmaker! His journey into the paranormal... a story only he can tell. What it's been like working on Ghost Hunters. We learn how much actually goes into each and every episode. I think it will change the mind of many who may not watch due to the way other shows "entertain" to get ratings. I have a brand new respect for this show after speaking with Brandon.

Be sure to check out the links below to other projects that Brandon has worked on! Don't forget to tune in every Wednesday night at 9pm on A&E to Ghost Hunters!

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American Paranormal Research Association's YouTube Page

Brandon's history documentaries

Brandon Alvis music on Spotify

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