**Recorded live 6/19/2020 via Podbean Live**


For years history has had these people show up with these so-called "special powers". How many times have you seen the videos of people bending spoons "with their minds"? I personally have seen loads of them. When watching though do you do like me, and pay very close attention (or watch frame by frame) to see that slight of hand trick? Magicians have always amazed me since I was a kid. Then as I got older I learned about these people that have telekinetic powers! What were these powers? How did they do this stuff? Then I saw Firestarter with Drew Barrymore... Could someone out there really do that? Did it take a special kind of training or were there people born with that "power"? 

During research for this weeks episode we discovered so many more Kinetic abilities than I honestly thought was out there! It goes much further than telekinesis and pyrokinesis... Much further! Are they possible? I think probably not, but not everyone agrees with me. So as far as these "superhero powers" as awesome as it would be it just doesn't fall into my reality. But.. I'm not gonna let it stop me from trying to get the remote control on the coffee table to jump into my hands so I can just relax!

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