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Para-talk is a podcast with the members of East Tn Ghost Seekers. Listen as they discuss paranormal/supernatural events from all around the world. Also, you can leave them a message with your experiences or even your favorite ghost story. So join them as they dive into the paranormal world and touch on all the things you have questioned yourself!To contact and leave your experiences/ghost story/questions call (865)264-0448

October 10th, 2018    

Episde 32: I Can See Clearly Now….

Tonight Stephen and Andrea welcome Josh Bender! Josh is the builder of the Deadlite and paranormal investigator with Interface Death. We findout how the Deadlite came to be, and more about Josh! Links to buy your own Deadlite are below as well as the team page. Soooo.... sit back, relax, it's Para-Talk Time!!! 



Interface Death's Facebook page

Deadlite LLC

Follow Josh on Facebook here

September 9th, 2018    

Episode 31: All In The Family

This week Stephen and Andrea are all alone..... or are they? Sit back, relax, It's Para-Talk Time!!!!


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August 31st, 2018    

Episode 30: I heard bacon, but saw a pixie…

Did you hear that? Did you see that? We all question things we may have heard or seen sitting in the dark. We let the creepy atmosphere get the best of us sometimes... You capture an EVP that you aren't 100% sure of, or you take a photo that you are certain is something paranormal. But is it??... Tonight we sit down with a pair of authors/paranormal investigators Clarissa Vazquez and Chris Carr and discuss these exact scenerios. Their new book "Debunking Common Paranormal Myths: Exploring Psychosomatic Pareidolia" is aimed at everyone in the paranormal field from the brand new investigator to the veteran. Full of very useful information sure to help anyone in the field who wants to produce data will help and not hurt what we all are trying to prove... GHOSTS DO EXIST! So grab that drink, sit back, relax... It's Para-Talk Time!!!!


Amazon link to the newest book by Clarissa and Chris

Debunking Common Paranormal Myths: Exploring Psychosomatic Pareidolia 

August 23rd, 2018    

Episode 29: True Crime: Jeffery Dahmer

Tonight on Para-Talk the crew sitdown to discuss a man or should we say monster... Jeffery Dahmer. They discuss his childhood, the brutal murders. and the reasoning Jeffery says he choose to dine on body parts of his victims. There is nothing more to really say other than... Sit back, Relax.... It's Para-Talk Time!!!!


If you'd like a copy of the book discussed just click the link below:

A Father's Story by Lionel Dahmer

August 8th, 2018    

Episode 28: It’s a 2′fer!!

After a break from the podcast for a couple weeks, but not a break from the paranormal or adulting... Stephen and Andrea are back with episode 28!! Just as the title states, it's a 2'fer!! The first part of the episode was recorded at the beginning of the teams event Seeker Saturday at The Haunted Hales Bar Dam! Stephen sits down with Jeff Holder of HBD, and have a great little chat. The second half of the episode we interview Moe Mullis. Moe is the coordinator of the Oneida Tn Zombie Fest which will be held October 13, 2018 from 2pm-9pm, and Outbreak On Main. Outbreak on Main is a haunted attraction running throughout the month of October every Friday and Saturday from 7pm-11pm. Price of admission is $10. Soooo... sit back, relax, It's Para-Talk Time!!!

Part of the proceeds from the zombie fest will go to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness programs. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide please reach out for help at the links below


Links to Moe's attractions below

Oneida Tn Zombie Fest

Outbreak On Main



July 11th, 2018    

Episode 27: Mandie and the Dog-faced Woman

Tonight Para-Talk welcomes Mandie Clairmont from the Vodka and Ghosts Podcast. Mandie shares some of her own paranormal experiences... One inparticular that took me by surprise cause of all the stories I've heard in all my years of investigating THIS ONE IS NEW TO ME! Vodka and Ghosts is a podcast that blends the paranormal with comedy... and a "little" vodka... the result is a great podcast we highly recommend! So, sit back, grab that drink of choice, and relax.... It's Para-Talk Time!!!


Check out the girls page here:Vodka and Ghosts Podcast on Facebook


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July 7th, 2018    

Episode 26: Let It Shine

This week Stephen and Andrea are left all alone to man the show by themselves. So listen in as they speak with Charlene Mullan and Angela Connolly from The Paranormal Shine. The ladies are located in Northern Ireland. With a combined total of 15 years in dealing with the paranormal in one of the most haunted areas of the world!!! Oh.. did I mention they are the only members of the team? Well they are... and they are out there investigating castles, ruins, cemeteries... ALONE!!! Take that Zak Bagans!


You can follow the ladies on their Facebook page here: The Paranormal Shine


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June 15th, 2018    

Episode 24: Ohio Ghost Hunters

It's a 2'fer!! This week Para-Talk sits down with Ohio Ghost Hunters director Christina Watson and events coordinator Jacen Frisk. Ohio Ghost Hunters are considered Ohio's largest paranormal investigation team, consisting of 20+ members! With a team that large you gotta ask yourself one simple question... How does that work? Well lets just say they have found a method to the madness that is 20+ people. And work it to their advantage!! Awesome interview with a couple awesome people, with great stories... Sooooo.... sit back... relax.... IT'S PARA-TALK TIME!


Contact the team:

June 9th, 2018    

Episode 23: Mr. Awesome Himself!!! Jeff Holder

This episode of Para-Talk we sit down with Jeff Holder. Jeff is the co-founder of Souther Truth Seekers and he and his wife Vickie are the managers of The Haunted Hales Bar Dam. If that wasn't enough... Jeff is also helping in creating a new tool for the field that will blow your mind. Jeff talks about his experiences in the field and things that he has experienced at HBD. PLUS..... A special announcement that envolves the ETGS/Para-Talk crew! ...So... sit back, relax... it's Para-Talk Time.........

Haunted Hales Bar Dam Facebook Page

Haunted Hales Bar Dam Website

Seeker Saturday with ETGS @The Haunted Hales Bar Dam Tickets

June 2nd, 2018    

Episode 22: Did That Really Just Happen???

Tonight Para-Talk welcomes Stephanie Hutnik! Stephanie is a psychic medium who is fairly new to the investigative side of the paranormal, but very intune with the gift she has been given. She is currently active investigating with Detroit Paranormal Expeditions and is the co-host of DPX Radio. This episode went to a place that no other Para-Talk has... NO SPOILERS!!! You just gotta listen to believe........ So sit back, relax, IT'S PARA-TALK TIME!

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