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Para-talk is a podcast with the members of East Tn Ghost Seekers. Listen as they discuss paranormal/supernatural events from all around the world. Also, you can leave them a message with your experiences or even your favorite ghost story. So join them as they dive into the paranormal world and touch on all the things you have questioned yourself!To contact and leave your experiences/ghost story/questions call (865)264-0448

June 1st, 2019    

Episode 40: Raise Your Fist! Time to Trigger The Madness!!

Turn the volume up to ELEVEN! This week the crew speak with George Humphries lead vocalist from the metal band Trigger The Madness. Hailing from the Netherlands, George tells the crew about some of his paranormal experiences while in the military and shared experiences with his sister who is a Medium. The madness doesn't stop there... we also discuss the band, and play their latest single Tantalized!!!

Also, picking up from the last podcast we play a listener call in story explaining their own "creepy things kids say" story! You don't want to miss this one... 

So sit back, relax......... scratch that.... Stand up, raise your fist, bang your head! IT'S PARA-FREAKIN-TALK TIME!!!!!


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April 7th, 2019    

Episode 38: Paranormal TV… To Watch or Not to Watch

In this installment of Para-Talk we dive into the world of paranormal tv. As we all know certain cable tv channels have almost devoted their viewing to the paranormal genre. Of course since we are paranormal investigators first and foremost we watch most if not all the shows available out there. Some are good, some are bad... so we thought we'd take the time to give you our honest opinion of the shows in mainstream media. 


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March 10th, 2019    

A “Cleansing” Episode (loofah not required)

Ever wonder what all is involved in the process to cleanse a home? This week Stephen and Andrea sit down with Amy Sharp to discuss just that. It's not as simple as buying some white sage from Amazon and burning it (if only). Just a few hours after Andrea and Amy traveled to the Nashville area to perform a home cleansing they sit down with Stephen to discuss how it went, and why the need was there to do so. 

Also, hear some of Amy's background, and of course the episode contains lots of laughs and fun.


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February 27th, 2019    

Episode 36: Paranormal News

I hope you are ready to laugh! This episode of Para-Talk Stephen, Andrea, and Mike discuss some crazy and creepy stuff happening all across the globe! Plus, in true ETGS style they are having a lot of fun doing it. In this episode you need to listen for a special hashtag we would love for you to share! From haunted museums to dark winged creatures to Ghostbusters... all that plus much more! So sit back and relax.... IT'S PARA-TALK TIME!!!



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